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We thought twice before filing this under Home Office Designs but decided to go ahead, because we believe if you are seeking inspiration before designing your home office, you should definitely take a look at these. This is how the Pros do it. It is not uncommon for corporate giants to woo their employees by giving them designer workplaces. Guessing by these images, who wouldn’t be enticed?

1. Pixar

Do you think people can dream up movies like Finding Nemo, Incredibles, Wall-E in regular office cubicles? No Chance!

The Pixar office shown above is designed by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson.

2. Google

Quite honestly, none of us here would want to work at Google. With hammock workspaces, recliners (and relaxing aquariums to stare at while you are in them), massage parlours, personalised cabins, slide-downs between floors, we are pretty much sure of getting carried away and having ourselves fired!

Office designed by Camenzind Evolutionhas.

3. Three Rings Design

Three Rings Design opted for old world charm over the ultra-modern style. This office was designed by Because We Can.

4. Red Bull

If your company produces an energy drink, your offices better show it. Check out Red Bull’s office designed by Jump Studios.


TBWA is a global advertising company working with Apple and Adidas and they used Klein Dytham‘s services to convert an amusement complex to a rather amusing office.

Watch the video: Office of Today, Workplace of Tomorrow (June 2022).


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