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Computer Setups

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We have always loved cool workspaces. And we love cool workspaces with computers even more! Here are the latest ones to hit our radar!

by Bajazetov

You would think this office by M2J2 is an ordinary one…

until you take a closer look at his rig.

by Chris

Music fans’ computer setups can be quite heavy…

by Jodimarr

by Andy

sometimes, really heavy…

by Joe

Forget the talks about recession and bad economy making Google to cut down on expenses, their office corners just about never fails to amuse us.

It has always been said that Mac computers have the ability to make a setup look better as compared to PC ones…

by Grand Me Strength

From Splorp

So, Mac Vs PC. Which is better? We leave you with a video to decide! (Email users: You don’t wan’t to miss this one: 2009/01/cool-computer-setups )

Share it on any of the social media channels below to give us your vote.

Watch the video: My gaming setup Im spoiled (June 2022).


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