Special Themed Rooms for Kids

Special Themed Rooms for Kids

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It was DigsDigs (A nice blog on design – Check them out, if you haven’t already!) that brought our attention to this cool set of kids room designs from Team 7. An interesting aspect of Team 7’s designs is that they have successfully incorporated the ‘play’ factor into these rooms. The following sports themed room is styled to mimick a football pitch with the bed being the goal post. Young football fans would definitely love this theme!

Riding down a slide would be a fun way to begin your day and this kids room with slide shown below would give you just that pleasure.

Most of Team 7’s designs give emphasis to the material wood and their wooden bunk beds would delight kids with its treehouse-like ladders and tents on top.

We have featured tons of kids room inspiration here at Home Designing. Take a look at these room ideas for kids.

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