CitizenM Hotel Interiors, Amsterdam

CitizenM Hotel Interiors, Amsterdam

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A trip or travel is said to be perfect only when we find a home away from home. Any tourist destination would boast of hotels and resorts that cater to the needs of its tourists. Here we cover one such magnificent hotel by the name citizenM, located at Amsterdam. With the opening of this hotel after the first citizenM hotel at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport, they are now officially a hotel chain.

Located in Amsterdam’s financial district, between the World Trade Centre and city centre, the 215 room, five floor hotel was designed by the Dutch architectural firm Concrete.

The plush interiors of the hotel are elegantly designed giving a cozy feel. There is a variety of designer furnishings including the Marshmallow sofa by George Nelson, the new Vegetal chairs by the Bouroullec brothers, child-size Panton chairs, the Porcupine Desk by Hella Jongerius, and cute plywood elephants by Ray and Charles Eames.

With rates starting at 69 Euros a night, citizenM continues to target the frequent traveler market.The low rates are made possible by the ultra-compact rooms that are actually built in a factory and then transported to the site and stacked on top of the pre-built ground floor.

The hotel includes beautiful spaces to wine and dine with a lovely ambiance. citizenM with its innovative room design, luxury and affordable rates does guarantee that perfect stay…


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