Beautiful Scandinavian Style Interiors

Beautiful Scandinavian Style Interiors

When many think of Scandinavian style, they immediately think stark, white, modern and even unlivable. But thankfully Scandinavian style has emerged from bare beginnings to a much more livable arrangement. With white working as a color platform, many stylish homeowners have added black for a bold modern edge and hints of color that make their use seem bold and almost edgy. While still maintaining a basically blank slate, the new Scandinavian style seems focused on livability, whether it is in cluttering up streamlined shelving units, or rumpling a bed in an otherwise spotless room. Unusual accent pieces also make frequent appearances, from mistletoe-like ceiling hangings to excessively fluffy and fuzzy throw rugs. Sometimes only a single spec of color can be seen in a room, from a fusia toned bedspread or a softly muted sofa pillow. All photographed by Per Gunnarsson, the images below show how livable a modern Scandinavian-style living space can be.

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