Beautiful Balconies

Beautiful Balconies

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Whether you rent or own and live in the city or suburbs, balconies are a great addition to any building. They provide the perfect transition between the indoors and the wilderness, and add a marvelous architectural element to a space.

The word balcony is Italian and comes from the word Balcone which means scaffold. Technically it is simply a platform that is protected by balustrades or a rail. The cool thing about balconies is that they have historically been used as a soap box or stage, to hold ceremonies or public announcements. And now the modern day balcony is much more informal, dynamic and spacious. A place for pontification, relaxation, sun bathing, a breath of fresh air, a different perspective of the what lies ahead, and maybe even a love connection. Let’s face it, if there was no balcony there would be no Romeo and Juliet… or at least their story wouldn’t have been so fantastic!

Below are some really cool balconies that express different styles and functions. Some can easily slip you into relaxation mode for a whole afternoon or electrify you with their striking views of the landscape, some furnished simply with modern outdoor chairs and others fully equipped with formal dining arrangements. Either way you’ll surely marvel, so enjoy…

Design by George Krallis

Designed by 4bedesign

Designed by Timothy Back

Designed by Timothy Suess

3D Render by Morphe, a designer from Poland



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