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The use of frescoes as a form of mural painting continues to pay homage to the history of art. It began 30,000 years ago in Europe in the interiors of caves but gradually found its place in cathedrals and castles across the world. Fresco meaning “fresh” in French, referred to for the wet plaster that absorbs the color pigments and permanently fixes into the walls which allow the placement of these murals on irregular surfaces. Sorta similar to the application of a tattoo- (but not really!)

The contemporary use of Fresco art has been inspired by some of the greats like Jose Clemente Orozco, Fernando Leal, David Siqueiros and Diego Rivera who revived it as an unlikely comeback in 21st century design. Today these displays have been plastered over hotel ceilings, museums, restaurants, offices and luxury homes. Below are a collection of color rich Fresco applications that we found for your viewing pleasure in keeping the spirit of our forefathers alive and well…

Images: Mariani Affreschi

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