Cottage Style Interiors

Cottage Style Interiors

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To go along with our fairy tale cottage theme homes(in case you simply can’t get enough), we’ve employed a few hobbits to report back after a sneak peek into homes with the coolest cottage interiors. Not surprisingly, what they found was the same charming, rustic and humble interiors that we have all come to know and love through the pages of our fairy tale storybooks. And the formula remains the same! Cottage design is done with an instinctive eye, the bare essentials, and a cozy inviting charm that captures the spirit of making a house a home.

Traditional cottage homes stay true to the abundance of wood from the floors to the walls and ceilings. And sometimes, the wood is painted white for a brighter perspective. The more contemporary cottages use stucco or stone inside and out to provide a stronger and more temperate foundation. And the furnishing are almost always antique and unfinished, also made of wood or wicker! All we know is once you lay your eyes on these spaces, you may want to start looking in Grandma’s attic for sweet finds that will instantly give your home some character! Enjoy…

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