House with stunning views in Cape Town, South Africa

House with stunning views in Cape Town, South Africa

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Unusual architecture:check; Seemingly impossible location:check; Rim flow swimming pools: double check.

If this stunning 7 bedroom villa commanding a 270 degree view of mountain, downtown and ocean doesn’t generate E-N-V-Y from you we don’t know what would. Designed and furnished by Stefan Antoni Architects this little gem in Cape Town comes with Poggenpohl kitchens, top notch home automation and security systems, industry grade air conditiong, Wifi, the works.

Fancy spending a night here? Be ready to shell out about Rs.1.25lakh ($2800).

Architect’s description:

A minimalist home commanding a 270 degree view of Lions Head, Camps Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. All living spaces have a great connection to the covered or uncovered terraces. The living spaces are highly transparent to take full advantage of the views. The architecture is notable for its use of cantilevers, linear arrangement and limited palette of materials.

Minimalist? You got to be kidding us.

What’s the view from bedroom like?

It looks like this:

Speaking of views, the bathroom doesn’t disappoint either.

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Watch the video: A spectacular Cape Town home with incredible views (June 2022).


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