Villa in Mykonos

Villa in Mykonos

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Mykonos is a tiny little island in Greece that has a modest population of about ten thousand people. Though small in area, the island is a popular tourist destination thanks to its fabulous beaches and vibrant night life. Much frequented by cruise ships and jet-setters, Mykonos indulges its visitors with luxury destinations that are blessed with fairy tale views of the seas. One such particularly fascinating spot is the Mina One villa located in the southwest part of the island. Designed in traditional all-white Mediterranean style and offering Santorini-like views, the place just blows your mind. Dont blame us if you are feeling a little droopy after seeing the images below.Have you made up your mind about where to relax here? In those sofas under the shade...? The pebble covered infinity pool...? Or would you rather prefer that Jacuzzi...?

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