Unconventional House: VMXs Minimalism Marries Ruralism

Unconventional House: VMXs Minimalism Marries Ruralism

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Its not warm. Its not inviting. And to a novice its aesthetics wouldnt likely be considered attractive. The Sodae house by VMX Architects bears a vast floor plan that opens more like an urban loft than an island house. Some might see the Eastern European or Russian Communist austerity in its facade. The house was built on a Dutch island of only 1,200 square meters known as the Kostverlorenkade.One important concept to consider is the houses context. Its smooth, seemless skin helps soften its stark, minimalist design, helping it to therefore blend better into its natural setting. One could theorize too that its asymmetrical shape mimics nature well, nature in all of its exquisite imperfections. From the interior, one could also argue, the architect incorporated ample slanted windows to blur the boundaries between the indoors and outdoors, thereby mitigating the psychological difference between.

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