Futuristic Exhibition Center Marrying Digital Media Sustainability

Futuristic Exhibition Center Marrying Digital Media  Sustainability

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ART+COM (a group of designers specializing in designing spaces with new media) has broken down the abstract concept of sustainability for the average person with a tangible digital media exhibition located at Autostadt, Volkswagens communications platform in Wolfsburg, Denmark. As a visitor navigates the Level Green: The Concept of Sustainability exhibit, they can learn about climate change and its consequences, the importance of sustainability to the planets economic and social health, and Volkswagens specific approach to the concept. J. Mayer H. designed the center with its 25 media exhibits, all which allow visitors to actively engage in learning not only about the concept, but how they can practice it themselves and implement it into their own lives. Data sculptures enable visitors to visualize and compare the facts and figures more easily. Interactive media walls explain important themes and encourage interaction with playful access to data via touching. The installations even foster a personal connection to the issue by prompting visitors to reflect on their own lifestyles. We think these images provide good fodder for futuristic style enthusiasts.

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