Hi Can: The Ultimate Luxury Bed

Hi Can: The Ultimate Luxury Bed

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For those who love to be pampered, this would be your nirvana. This luxury bed system from HiCan is designed to serve you as a relaxation/entertainment cocoon.

The bed has blinds that can enclose you for a restful, free sleep, provided with finest bedding system. It also comes with a state-of-the-art sound system, reading lights, a built-in PC and full multimedia complement with game and entertainment consoles connected to a projector to enjoy high definition movies and images on the home theatre screen sliding down at the front of the bed.HiCan is also equipped with a complete home automation system that has been specifically customized to manage the whole system, from lighten got blinds and screen automation, bedding system movements and the entertainment hardware. The home automation system is built with flexible architecture that can be easily tailored to custom needs and expanded to control additional equipment and appliances from the comfort of your bed.

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The video below shows an early design concept.

The bed is available for order here.

Watch the video: Best Mattress Under 1000 TOP 7 BEDS (June 2022).


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