Apples Beautiful Retail Stores

Apples Beautiful Retail Stores

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In 2000, Apple (under Steve Jobs) decided they needed to completely rethink their retail strategy. They no longer wanted to be dependent on other retailers to sell their products and yearned to offer customers a unique experience. For this they put together a team of retail/architecture experts and embarked on a journey to design the perfect store. It was much like designing a product - they built a prototype first and iterated designs until they were happy. Teams involved in the design of Apples retail stores around the globe now include Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, Eckersley OCallaghan, Eight Inc., Gensler, and ISP Design, Inc., together with Apples in-house design team. Though Apples decision to build their own stores was viewed as a gamble in 2001 it is now considered as one of the success stories of the industry. These stores now epitomize Apple and are spread out around the globe.

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Here is a neat little bonus video where Steve Jobs introduces you to an Apple Store: (If you are reading this through email, go here to view the video)

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Watch the video: History of the Apple Store (July 2022).


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