Bridge House [Visualized]

Bridge House [Visualized]

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Architect Max Pritchard designed the Bridge House, which is situated near Adelaide, Australia, creating a plan that respects to the Aboriginal “Touch the Earth Lightly” approach, both visually and environmentally. In this 3D visualization of the house by designer Faraz, we see the structure is clad with recyclable sheet steel, and encounter the insulated concrete floor slab that stores heat for reradiating at night. These visuals soften the existing rugged landscape into fairytale woodland. Setting the dewy scene at the brink of dusk, Faraz has created contrast against the yellow tones of the artificial lights from the Bridge House, making the modern structure appear warm and welcoming. The topology has been changed a little, and some items trimmed from the site, to paint an idyllic picture of this unusual home.Beneath the house, the rocky banks that border the rippling water have been fluffed up with a cushion of long luscious grass, emphasizing the rigid shape and narrowness of the 110sqm property. With stunning views from every window, the calming bubble of the creek beneath, and a carpet of greenery as the doormat, we think the Bridge House makes a wonderful home amongst the trees.

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