Modern Minimalist Black and White Lofts

Modern Minimalist Black and White Lofts

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We found these striking monochrome home concepts by Sergey Baskakov, from Kemerovo, Russia, on his impressive architectural 3D visualization blog 3D Spike. The renders show modernistic spaces cleared of color, but with the contrast turned all the way up to create a sharp distinction between a cool gallery white backdrop and a bold base of simplistic black furniture.

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In the first concept, despite it’s heavier coloring, the furniture remains light in silhouette, with a slim-line dining table and a set of metal wire chairs that allow light to shine through the seat and back rests, in a shutter effect.

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The dining table lighting feature cascades unobtrusively over the eating area, delicately blending in with the pale walls.

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The white, slab front, kitchen units are situated in a single run alongside the dining suite, and form a dividing wall to the entranceway.

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Two low profile sofas hug the living space in a large inviting L-shape formation, surrounding a coffee table that echoes the refined dimensions and uncomplicated outline of the nearby dining table.

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In the bedroom, the monochromatic drama continues, with theatrical floor to ceiling black drapes that screen off an internal window to the living area, when more privacy is desired, and are repeated at the external window to block out the daylight.

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This second apartment design introduces bold wood grains into the mix, which brings great warmth and natural pattern to the home.

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We also see the black base note of the furniture utilized as a feature wall color in this concept, with dark chunky dividing walls adding drama to the scheme.

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The stark white floor has been replaced with a light blonde hardwood, a tone that continues into a large eight seated dining suite, smart kitchen accessories, and is even used as an accent color in the lounge area in the form of scatter cushions.

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A black tubular island extractor fan reflects the design of the oversized pendant shades that hang throughout the home, and atop the standard lamps by the extensive modular sofa.

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The last visualization explores the introduction of off-white or palest cream elements, with large expanses of slab front glossy storage units that run from the kitchen through to the living room, morphing from kitchen cabinetry, to an entertainment unit, and a general household stash.

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The blonde flooring in this concept comes in the form of marble effect tiles, practical for cooking and eating areas, and is softened by a deep pile rug in the lounge.

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An unexpected blast of color arrives in the form of canvass artwork, adding life and movement to the laid back space.

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