IKEA Bathrooms

IKEA Bathrooms

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Done flipping through IKEAs 2013 catalog? The Swedish furniture designer and manufacturer have always seemed to have a handle on the compact nature of many of our modern homes, offering handy storage solutions in sensible proportions, and their ideas on bathroom design most certainly follow this space maximizing trend. IKEA bathroom designs show busy family rooms, often utilized as dual-purpose places for laundry washing duties, all combined in a neat and handy package.

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This wash area becomes a practical clothes-drying space with the addition of a ceiling mounted rack, which can be lowered on a pulley for loading and unloading.

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The ultra compact proportions of this area are put to full use with the installation of neat individual shelves and using a mini stool as a bath-side table.

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Black and white work really well in a small space like this, as the stark contrast plays with the visuals, throwing off scale.

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Wall mounted units reveal more floor space to trick the eye into seeing a larger available area, whilst still offering bags of storage space.

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Bleached wood with gloss white provoke a clean Scandinavian design style, and lovely little touches like dual height pegs and booster steps make this a truly family friendly space.

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