Unique Wall Texturing Examples

Unique Wall Texturing Examples

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Have we ran out of ideas when it come to creating an eye-catching and inspiring feature wall in our living spaces, and as extensions of our bedroom headboard walls? It seems not; see the light with this set of back lit and textured treatments designed to splash contemporary class across all of your tired interiors.

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The covering on this modern lounge wall looks as though it has been spliced to reveal a glowing underbelly, with colors that change to morph the mood of the space.

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Via Armen Gevorgyan
The cool concrete of this headboard wall offsets adjacent warmer wood tones.

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For a really attention grabbing design, this edge-to-edge work of art provides a sculptural ‘pow’!

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Via Armen Gevorkyan
A cool white corrugated texture plays with light and shade in this space, as well as echoing the long horizontal composition of thin windows.

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Gray gloss panels provide a soothing backdrop in this sleep space, and part to reveal soft mood lighting here and there-just enough to light a cozy evening.

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A blanket of rough wood block looks superb against the smooth contrast of glossy furniture materials in this space. The naturally occurring mixture of dark and light wood grain provides an undulating effect, making the wall appear to have movement in its warmth.

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