Youthful Interiors

Youthful Interiors

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These punchy modern home designs, from designer Sayeed, are filled with unexpected color combinations, cool furniture choices and zany finishing touches throughout the wall art, accessories, textiles, fixtures and fittings.

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Sayeed’s work is both unique and youthful in its approach, providing a breath of fresh air to room schemes that have inevitably become a little stale and predictable. This injection of shiny new perspective results in stacks of contemporary character, giving each room a sense of freedom and a fun personality.

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Blank gallery-white backdrops are shook up with clashing pop art colors that demand attention without appearing overpowering or contrived.

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Dining rooms are given an architectural edge by incorporating seating with interesting metalwork to the legs.

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This bedroom design gives a nod to trendy loft living with focus drawn to the high ceiling proportions via prominent long pendant light drops. Oversized art is propped against the wall from floor level rather than mounted, and sculptural art forms with metallic coatings play with the passage of light.

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Open plan areas are kept uncluttered but carefree, with personal items decorating the space without invading every available surface, nook and cranny.

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This quirky clock-lamp provides a dual purpose, humorous piece that plays with scale, bringing a whimsical Alice in Wonderland vibe amongst more sophisticated selections.

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