The Superb SZB House

The Superb SZB House

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This architectural creation, by firm Medveczky Gothárd, entitled the SZB House, is decorated in warm earthy tones, rich woods and creamy ceramics that all work together in perfect harmony to create and cool understated calm amongst the distinctly high spec finishes.

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The natural décor begins in the hallway with an expanse of wooden storage units built into the staircase to provide spacious cubbies for shoes and other accessories, as well as wall hanging space for jackets and overcoats. A smart seating area is also provided here for perching on whilst lacing up those shoes, or for callers to wait on.

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A gray kitchen island looks onto a generous dining area furnished in light wood tones to keep the atmosphere light and homey, whilst a trio of over-table pendant lights ties the eating area in with the kitchens black glossy worktops and wall cupboards.

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In the main bathroom, the color story continues seamlessly from the rest of the house, with a two-tone tile choice of black and cream, and rich wooden vanity units with beautiful grain providing texture and interest.

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A shower area is decorated in decadent bronze tiles that compliment the ruddy hue of the floorboards. The overall look is lightened by the clean simplicity of modern white sanitary ware.

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