Small Space Design: A 498 square feet house in Taiwan

Small Space Design: A 498 square feet house in Taiwan

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The key to furnishing a small space is a stylish concentration of storage areas without compromising the layout of well-spaced living; this clever home design, by designer Wu Chengxian for Taihe Design in Taiwan, highlights the space saving principal to great effect.

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The lounge feels large despite its modest measurements thanks to a high ceiling that reaches up past the mezzanine level.

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Concentrating on cabinet installations surrounding the entryway, a huge amount of unimposing storage space has been achieved behind the sleek lines of wall color-matched cupboards and neat shelving banks.

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While the living room may have accommodated a small lift top coffee table or other piece of furniture for storage and organization, the simple magazine rack takes a single-purpose approach ideal for minimalists.

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On the opposite side of the hallway storage, a tall lounge cupboard sandwiches a pullout desktop that is easily concealed when not in use for study or dining purposes. On the mezzanine, a small bedroom space feels airy and light on its high perch.

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The staircase, which is accessed via the living room, is kept open sided to allow the line of sight to travel past it to the farthest wall, therefore upholding the full dimensions of the room.

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The bathroom door is of a frosted glass design that slides rather than swings open to suit the limited space issue; inside the bathroom, the color palette is kept simple and unified.

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