Scandinavian Parisian Apartments In White

Scandinavian  Parisian Apartments In White

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Within the fashion industry it is said that black hides all manner of sins. It must therefore be the case, that when it comes to interior design, white is the new black. Making dark spaces lighter, dull spaces brighter, small spaces appear larger and old spaces appear newer, whites power to transform aids the evolution of interior spaces. Once exclusively associated with sterility and cleanliness, white has been more recently associated with brilliance, simplicity and renewal. In addition to providing a canvas upon which to experiment with a distinct, often bright, palette in styling, white also operates in a functional capacity through its promotion of natural light and the illusory impact it has on the size of a space. A predominantly white approach to internal surfaces allows for the employment of greater creativity in styling and can even, quite literally, breathe new life into a space with its breezy, meditative vibe.

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