Apartment With Soft Hues That Inspire Futuristic Tranquility

Apartment With Soft Hues That Inspire Futuristic Tranquility

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One need only delve into recent history to recall the daring statements made by feature walls or the luxurious impression intended by the incorporation of an indoor water feature, but interior design is fluid by its very nature and todays practitioners go to great lengths to cultivate their signature styles. A master of creating focal points, Alexander Lysak is responsible for this highly contemporary visualization, which exudes sophistication and attention to detail. A space in which the most recent of technology integrates seamlessly, light fixtures hang like modern art and white dominates, this is a concept that fosters a futuristic tranquility.

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In a predominantly open plan space that accommodates so many borderless but clearly defined spaces within, the most dramatic focal point of all is a meeting of two comparatively traditional elements. Lysak takes the common feature wall and transforms it into a new multidimensional mirrored ‘water feature wall’ if you will, that, lit from above, throws light unevenly across the main living area and speaks to the glass dining table, reflective kitchen splash-back and metallic modern chandelier.

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Luxury of a different kind is realized in the bathroom, complete with bidet and flat screen television viewable from the exceptionally deep tub. As equally abundant in reflective surfaces as the rest of the visualization, the bathroom shows a preference for an earthy palette and elemental building materials.

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