Traditional French Country Home

Traditional French Country Home

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Dream homes such as this, exist mostly within the confines of our wildest fantasies, but a real-life look inside this beautiful French country villa is provided by JJ Locations. It is possible you might have caught a glimpse of this home before as the agency is in the business of sourcing unique homes for the gold and silver screens. The following images of this stunning Antibes abode in South-Eastern France will surely have you fantasizing about living the movie-star life or at least, planning your next vacation.

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The outdoor gathering spaces are given just as much attention as the interior. Here, a garden statue overlooks a beautifully tiled pool where residents can cool off.

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Antibes is the quintessential French village that over the years has contributed to the famous French country style created in homes just like this traditional Provencal beauty. Adjectives most associated with French country interiors are; rustic, charming, casual, antique and textured, and viewing the beautiful formal dining room, it is easy to see why. Treatment and painting of the walls in particular, is in close keeping with the ethos of the style: warm color and textured effect being important.

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Internal spaces more private in nature such as bedrooms and even workspaces are perfect for experimenting with more dramatic themes and this is employed very successfully here. Rich burgundies and sea foam greens inhabit the main bedrooms while an individualist modern look commands the office. Window treatments hang heavy, as is typical of the French country style, but the curator of this property is careful not to let them obscure the views of the pool and palm-flanked gardens.

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