Indian Splendor: Luxury Property Photography by Natalia Kaul

Indian Splendor: Luxury Property Photography by Natalia Kaul

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India is a country with a great deal of contrast. These photos from New Delhi-based photographer Natalia Kaul delve into the luxurious side of the country. The hotels she visits offer their guests beautiful views, indulgent dining, and decadent relaxation at every turn.

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The weather in India can be exceedingly hot (assuming it’s not monsoon season). But staying indoors is no way to spend a vacation. Instead, visitors at this hotel can enjoy tea or a light meal on a shady patio overlooking the property’s lush gardens.

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No Indian holiday would be complete without a sunset cruise. Romance abounds on this shaded, candlelit boat.

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In this stark modern lobby, it would be easy to feel transported to any European city. Mirror columns and massive flower arrangements are the height of swank luxury.

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Not all Indian architecture is arched windows and Taj Majal. This geometric design combines modern elements with classic Indian style, making this particular pool feel more space age than colonial.

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A clear blue pool flanked by palm trees is reminscent of old Hollywood glamour as much as it is of Indian vacations.

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The hotel is situatied on a hillside where even just driving up to the door is an experience. The greenery of the landscape contrasts with the bright white building that reflects the colors of the sunset.

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The rooms are distinctly Indian in their design as well. In this particular guest room, an elegantly arched window looks out onto one of the hotel pools. Local rugs and artwork bring the culture of the region into the room as well.

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A simply decorated banquet hall leaves plenty of room for any guest to bring in their own colors or style for a unique and memorable event. Otherwise, the tapestry hanging from the ceiling and the sparkling tile floor make for a calming atmosphere on their own.

Check out Natalia’s website for more Indian inspiration.

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