Googles Tokyo Presence: Youtube and Google Tokyo Offices

Googles Tokyo Presence: Youtube and Google Tokyo Offices

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Since the first startup bubble that swept through Northern California, technology offices have long held court as the most fun, both in design and culture. Despite the behemoth it has become, Google has remained true to this startup quirk, creating offices around the world that have funky and surprising features and design elements around every corner. The Google office in Tokyo is certainly no exception. Klein Dytham Architecture was sure to utilize colors to give the entire are a welcoming air while also providing plenty of nooks and private tables for employees to work in comfort.

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Visitors to the Google office Tokyo are immediately treated to its simple but playful style with green rugs mimicking grass and primary colored wall treatements tie the offic décor directly to the iconic Google logo that is boldy displayed behind the reception desk. A small statue of the Android mascot greets visitors and alerts them to the overall tone of the space.

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Google provides its employees with all meals, so an elegant and accessible cafeteria was a must. They can choose from many types of cuisine, each one indicated by its own color-coded and beautifully patterened awning.

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Design cannot stop where functionality is required. Here, the designers have brought the playful Android figure into the washrooms, dressed in gender-appropriate swimwear, to cheerful effect.

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Just because Google was started in America does not mean they have eschewed Japanese cultural elements in creating this office. This meeting room features floor cushions and low table in the traditional Japanese style, but still incorporates the pervasive Android theme and an eclectic color scheme.

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Another popular feature among technology office is space dedicated to recreation. This pool table, frequently used for blowing off steam or simply getting the creative juices flowing, is just one of many entertainment and recreation options on the Google Tokyo campus.

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Although owned by Google, the YouTube Tokyo office has its own unique style. Rather than pulling in the bright whites and primary colors of the Google logo, this office uses plenty of black, white, and iconic YouTube red. These choices wind through from the reception area to the studios to the meeting nooks.

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No matter how much time Google or YouTube employees spend at work, it is important not to forget the truly spectacular city that houses these playful offices. With a perfect view of the Tokyo skyline, that would be nearly impossible.

Check out this video tour of the office:

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