Apartment Design For Pilot Aviation Enthusiast

Apartment Design For Pilot  Aviation Enthusiast

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Virtually any architect can take an unadorned apartment and create a space that is pretty and modern. But its when that designer can draw on the personality and aesthetic preferences of the apartments owner that something truly inspired happens. This Poznań apartment, from Polish architecture firm mode:lina, took tremendous inspiration from the owners love of aviation and simplicity to create this special urban sanctuary just for him.

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The architect has created unique nooks in the dividing walls of the flat. They are lined with wood, setting them apartment from the largely white surfaces elsewhere, but they are also distinctly aerodynamic. The eye travels quickly from nook to nook, creating the sensation of flying.

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This dividing nook specifically creates a view of the tucked away office, just as you might see if you were looking out the window of an airplane.

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The owner of the apartment, a pilot himself, is particularly drawn to the Concorde. The designer took this into account when creating this perfectly serene office in one corner of the flat. The Concorde graphic is a focal point, while the shelving opposite the desk mimics the curves of an airplane’s wings.

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Antique toy airplanes are among the only whimsical decorations, and manage to be both sophisticated and playful.

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The kitchen is quite narrow but meticulously organized with a large shelving unit and plenty of cabinetry. The backsplash is decorated with a Geneva cityscape to recall memories of a place where the apartment’s owner spent time.

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The bedroom is simple and small, but plenty of built in storage space means it can stay neat at all times.

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With its black and white color scheme and sleek, minimalist décor, this apartment could have taken the route of simple. Instead, the beauty is in the details that take it from much more than a place to stay and make it into a home.

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