Small Apartment with Snug Storage

Small Apartment with Snug Storage

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Observing the ongoing pattern of architectural planning in the crowded cities of the USA, across Europe and in Japan, small apartments have became the obvious answer to the problem of highly populated districts and the rapidly rising costs of property by the square meter. On the fashionable Frantsuzsky Boulevard in Odessa, Ukraine, a cozy design by Denis Svirid has formed in answer to its cramped situation, and has been decorated with cabin-like wood clad walls and snug storage cubbies galore.

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Another level was created with the addition of a new mansard roof, to house private quarters with individual rooms. A dressing room, bedroom and bathroom fill the added floor area beneath the slopes. The decision to create a mansard level in the house was made by the architects based on being an easier and cheaper way to attain reconstruction approval, and all of the planning solutions for this home came about in answer to the restricted dimensions of the location.

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Despite the modest proportions of this modern thinking home, the homeowners really have everything they need for a very comfortable lifestyle, even including a second full bathroom in addition to the en suite.

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The reduced head height in the bedroom actually becomes a design feature rather than an design flaw, as the addition of a cozy built-in platform bed creates an intimate slumber den.

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The kitchen, dining room and living room were amalgamated into one modest open plan area of around 11 square meters after the removal of the existing kitchen wall. An under stair area has been greatly utilized as a handy home office zone, along with an abundance of great storage opportunities.

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A space of approximately 20 square meters (2.7 x 8.5m) was cut off from an existing 65 square meter house, and to save on costs the bathroom and kitchen areas remained in their original places-although both were to be much transformed.

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