Spacious City Dwelling

Spacious City Dwelling

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This very smart and airy apartment layout is a contemporary gem set within the historical backdrop of Dnepropetrovsks center, where views of the great river Dnepr stretch out below. As home to a young family, SVOYA Studio designed the fresh apartment to be divided into two separate areas of function; one being the childs bedroom and adults bedroom-complete with dressing room and bathroom-and the second being an open plan living area consisting of a spacious kitchen diner and comfortable lounge.

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A glossy entertainment wall divides the path from the living room to the sleep spaces.

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A generously sized kitchen island provides extra prep room in the large ice-white kitchen, and double banked wall units provide plenty of extra storage for more than just kitchenware.

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Each dining space in the home is marked out with a run of attractive pendant lights.

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The living area is a cozy collection of modular sofas nestled against the kitchen bar area, which also make this a great place to hang out with numerous friends.

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The hallway of this home gives a very stylish first impression to visitors, where two sophisticated lamps flank a canvas print of a striking city scene, above a sleek console unit.

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Glossy woodgrain panels provide a warm splashback in the otherwise cool colorless kitchen.

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Kitted out as a ‘smart home’ the dwelling enjoys many automated functions for an easier life, like this motorized modesty curtain across an open plan en suite bathroom.

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Sleek mini pendant lights with tiny glowing ends softly illuminate both the bedroom and bathroom areas, giving each individual area a delicate and intimate atmosphere.

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Close attention was paid to the textures and finishes used in furnishing this home, making calculated combinations of matt and gloss, wood and stone to achieve a perfect balance of cool and warmth both smooth and striking.

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