Futuristic Villa In Vienna

Futuristic Villa In Vienna

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This futuristic building, designed by Project A01 Architects, sits on the hillside looking like a docked spacecraft. The sculptural home has been created as a residence for a single family, situated in a village not far from Vienna. This striking images, by German photographer Brigida Gonzales, take us on a tour around the dwelling.

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Huge ‘legs’ steady the structure on a grassy hillside with heather gardens.

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Floor to ceiling windows cut away long sections of the white angular building.

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The homes private swimming pool nestles against the side of the dwelling, in the open air.

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Retractable doors remove the glassy barrier between the indoor an outdoor spaces, allowing daily life to flow from the main living areas through to poolside playtime.

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Steps lead up from the pool patio to an al fresco dining area.

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The interior of the home is light and bright, decorated in pure white paint, sheer curtains and pale furnishings.

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An area rug in the living room echoes the hues of the blanket of green grass beyond, and a slate gray fireplace continues the natural scheme.

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Over in the kitchen area, a highly contemporary scheme covers one wall in a swathe of white units, whilst an unusual central island stretches up another wall in a sharp eye-catching design that accentuates an architectural cutaway. Both the kitchen island and nearby dining chairs are picked out in a deeper hue that gives the pale living space a boost.

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Glass balustrades keep a center situated, open tread staircase looking light and uncomplicated. Over the dining table, a large white chandelier adds a single hint of decadence to the minimal interior.

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A black oven completes the dark run of black kitchen backsplash in the prep area.

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Up in the bathroom, a modern freestanding bath tub takes center stage in the large space, upon an attractive wooden floor treatment. The panorama stretching over the hillside beyond makes for peaceful bath time viewing.

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