Cote dAzur Villa With Spectacular Sea Views

Cote dAzur Villa With Spectacular Sea Views

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This classy piece of contemporary Cannes real estate has been cut into a hillside of the residential area of SuperCannes, where it can take full advantage of the super views overlooking the bay and the Lerins Islands. Villa Chamade is a sight to behold in itself, with sun decks outside of every layer of glass fronted rooms that accumulate 660 square meters of living space.

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Just outside the center of Cannes, and the prestigious Cap d’Antibes, the 3400 square meter plot is in a perfect spot.

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The huge pool has uninterrupted views over the bay beyond where you can exercise in complete serenity, or you could always just relax in the bubbles of the nearby sunken jacuzzi.

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The area around the home is landscaped with lush green lawns and neat planting.

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Inside, the interior design schemes are fresh and minimalist. A 150 square meter living room provides ample room for seating a large number of guests or extended family members. Recessed ceiling lights keep the look uncluttered and streamlined, whilst the panorama through the great floor-to-ceiling windows add all of the visual interest anyone would need.

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The sunlight spills through the retractable doors, where the border between inside and out can disappear in an instant.

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Colors are neutral and light, which creates a lovely airy atmosphere.

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The main living area is open plan so that life can flow easily and unobstructed from zone to zone.

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Outdoor lounge furniture provides further opportunity to soak up this prime location on the french riviera.

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The property has six bedrooms complete with en suites. Here, we can also see a linked lounge in the sleep space, as well as a desk area and a large private balcony.

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Each room looks out over the sparkling blue ocean.

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The holiday home has two kitchens–one for summer and one for winter time.

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