Trendy Home with Super Unique Staircase

Trendy Home with Super Unique Staircase

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Sometimes all it takes is one interesting focal point to take an otherwise simple interior and make it something really special. In this modern home, visualizer Pavel Voytov has created a space that is welcoming and comfortable while showcasing a unique and gorgeous staircase. In addition to the staircase and living area, the bedrooms designed for this home make creative use of color and utilize simple, functional furniture that would make anyone feel at home.

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Here we can see clearly how the staircase seems to float and bend up from the floor, making it appear more like art than function. Underneath it lies a reading nook illuminated by a swing arm wall lamp that looks like a miniature version of the Flos Mod 265.

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Simple, modern furniture like a modular gray sofa and suspended light fixtures contribute to the atmosphere.

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From this angle we can see how the stairs seem to emerge seamlessly from the floor, in the same rich red wood.

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Moving away from the staircase we can see the open floorplan of the kitchen and dining area, complete with its own modified Eames chairs.

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The two-person breakfast bar is perfect for a quick bite.

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In this first bedroom, a creative blue wall treatment adds a special warmth.

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An awesome bookshelf sits behind the bed but manages to disappear in plain view because of its cool angular design.

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The ultramodern ceiling fans are also amazingly unique.

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A vintage rug completes the room for a real lived-in feel.

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This bright bedroom takes full advantage of its huge windows.

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A colorful duvet gives the space just a hint of the tropics.

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For a more neutral route, this bedroom uses deep blues, dark mauves, and simple natural wood floors.

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Suspended book nooks are practical yet stylish.

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The way the subtle purple in the platform bed matches the office chair for a cohesive design.

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This kid’s room could easily transition to a trendy kid’s room, with its awesome Warhol-inspired accent wall and breezy windows.

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A study area tucked behind a bookcase can keep sleep and work separate, which is key to a clear mind.

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The bookcase itself is so creative that it doubles as a wall divider and a bit of artistic flair.

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