Contemporary Apartment Design with Classical Features (Floor Plans Included)

Contemporary Apartment Design with Classical Features (Floor Plans Included)

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Even the simplicity of modern design, with its clean lines and minimalistic colors, can become overwhelming when overused.In this private St. Petersburg apartment, architect and designer Natalia Ozerova has taken some of those modern elements and added classical, decadent flourishes. The result is a beautiful, modern apartment that has a taste of old world classic design.

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In this first image from the living area, we are automatically drawn to the statues places around the room, even with an ancient Greek-style column as an end table.

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Notice that the statues flank the most modern items in the room — a flat screen television and desktop computer.

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The slouchy gray sofa has its own modern appeal without the harsh firmness that some contemporary styles can have.

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Floor to ceiling bookshelves leave plenty of room for displaying books or knick knacks, so that they become their own kind of artwork.

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Another statue is displayed proudly on the mantle alongside line drawings of the St. Petersburg neighborhood.

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A simple dining area with sunlight streaming in from corner windows is a perfect retreat at any time of day.

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The unique light fixture over the dining table, seen here close up, contrasts with the more classical elements, including the bust to the left.

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The master bedroom features an impressive accent wall with a massive relief design that makes you feel as if you’ve stepped into a palace.

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Even though the television may seem out of place, the tiled wall treatment leaves a perfect space for it, so it manages to fit in anyway.

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A cushioned bumper around the edge of the platform bed makes things a bit cozier.

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The massive walk-in closet is a contemporary twist on an ancient feature.

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Two doors let you easily slip into the bathroom or the main room from the closet.

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The bathroom itself is entirely modern with slick marble walls and deep porcelain basins.

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But here we see that the classical influence has made it in here, too, with a statue peering down from a built-in shelf.

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The room makes the most of a smaller space with a deep tub and shower in addition to his and hers sinks.

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