3 Breathtaking Apartment Interiors from the Kaeel Group

3 Breathtaking Apartment Interiors from the Kaeel Group

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Each of the three apartments featured in this post have many things in common. The most obvious, perhaps, is that they each come to us from the design team at Kaeel Group, but they are also each fairly small and exceptionally beautiful. By choosing beautiful, sleek pieces to anchor each space, these designers have created modern, urban spaces that are not only stylish, but also entirely comfortable and livable. But don’t take our word for it. Read on and see for yourself.

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First is this gorgeous 92 square meter (990 square feet) home with an urban oasis on the terrace and plenty of modern furnishings inside.

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The suspended staircase is visually stunning, making a work of art out of an otherwise pedestrian feature.

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Two wire-frame coffee tables take the place of one larger table in front of the minimalist sofa, which gives the illusion of more space and allows for a little extra contrast.

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A mounted bicycle draws attention away from the television, which is nice when it’s not being watched.

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Orange Eames chairs are just the splash of sunshine that the apartment’s little dining nook needs.

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Even the coat rack is a testament to modern design.

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This kitchen feels surprisingly spacious for the overall size of the apartment.

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A built-in wine rack is an enviable marriage of style and function.

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And we can’t say enough about this gorgeous bath.

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From a perfectly propped up towel rack to a deep and lovely soaking tub, this is truly a beautiful bathroom.

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White marble walls and a clear glass shower amp up the luxury in this space.

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A second bathroom takes another path with its dark textured walls, but it’s still entirely modern and sleek.

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The second apartment we can show is even smaller at 54 square meters (559 square feet).

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White brick accents in the kitchen backsplash and behind the television create a nice textural contrast with the smooth white walls.

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Grays and neutrals throughout the space really open it up.

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The neutral palette carries into the bedroom, where a gray platform bed and hanging light fixtures make a comfortable space to relax.

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The wood paneled window seat is an amazing addition to this bedroom.

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The minimalist bathroom includes a luxurious shower and those same gray textured walls.

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In the entryway, a cool geometric design turns a regular wall into its own piece of art.

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This last apartment is spacious by comparison, coming in at 160 square meters (1722 square feet).

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The living room features cozy modern seating by way of a couch with removable pillows and cushions.

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The dining room highlights some awesome oversized lampshades, turned into hanging light fixtures that match the soft gray dining chairs.

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An elevated countertop in the kitchen makes a perfect space for serving guests or setting up an impromptu bar.

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A wide white staircase is a serene way to ascend.

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Once again we find a bathroom with the kind of tub most of us only dream of.

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And a unique modern sink to go with it.

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The second half bath is a bit more playful with colorful tiles lining the floor and a white brick shower.

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