Cute Kids Rooms By Fajno Design

Cute Kids Rooms By Fajno Design

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There is no better place to celebrate the joy of whimsy and play than in a childs room. With designs that are colorful and vibrant, a room can serve to inspire a childs creativity and make them excited to spend time there alone and with their friends. These childrens rooms from Fajno Design are each unique, but use playful, youthful designs to create spaces that will surely be enjoyed for many years. The wallpapers that the designers have chosen for these rooms are particularly notable.

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Though an infant in a crib may not be able to fully process their room’s design, they will certainly notice the light and colors in this adorable elephant-themed nursery.

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Kids of all ages can appreciate stunning design, with these black and white wallpapers making a smooth transition from childhood to a moodier teenage life.

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This Alice in Wonderland-themed bedroom is lovely and subtle with its walls dotted in spades and characters. A wood vanity and tea cup wall hangings are cute but sophisticated.

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Kids need nothing more than blank canvas to let their imaginations loose. In this case, a plain white teepee provides that empty space for kids to dream and create.

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The pretty blue pattern on these walls is a simple geometric repetition on the one hand, but a creative reference to the room’s nautical style from another perspective.

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The wallpapers in these rooms are so creatively designed that they almost look as though they are hand painted, giving them an undone and artisanal feel.

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Vibrant yellow is a favorite in kids rooms and its perfectly sunny and cheerful.

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In this room, rain clouds feel almost perky with their whimsical, two-tone design. And a trundle bed is a perfect addition to any room where sleepovers are imminent.

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Animal themes are not unusual for kids rooms, but these whimsical interpretations make them feel more artistic than cutesy.

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Designs like this oversized king are in a childish style, but with a grownup panache.

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Natural wood toys make for a much more attractive room than disposable plastic playthings, but can certainly be just as fun.

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Even this car themed room manages to feel sophisticated.

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A lovely leaf theme gives this room an autumnal atmosphere. You can almost hear the walls rustling and then crunching underfoot.

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A colorful horse pattern could run the risk of being busy but here the design melts into itself and it becomes hard to distinguish horse from paisley.

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Finally, this sunny bedroom is a dreamy retreat for any little princess.

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A stunning wrought iron bed contrasts with a subtly lilac wall for a very soothing effect.

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A woodsy accent wall features bird-themed art for a little slice of natural beauty, no matter what the weather.

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