Steel, Concrete, and Stone Home with Central Courtyard

Steel, Concrete, and Stone Home with Central Courtyard

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When an architect is allowed the freedom to create a space that he knows will work for this clients, that level of trust comes through in the final design. Such was the case in this elegant modern home from architect Elias Rizo, who has indicated thorough communication and complete trust were essential in completing this home. The resulting structure is careful and calming, making every effort to ensure comfort and preserve privacy as well as the illusion of isolation, even in a neighborhood that sets houses close to one another.

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Beginning with a rear view of the home, we can see the simplicity of the chosen steel, glass, wood, concrete, and stone materials used throughout the construction. The form of the home is sleek, not calling attention to itself, almost daring you to guess what could be inside.

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The entry into the house is simple but deliberate. A large, heavy door separates the home from the street in its entirety, but even crossing this first threshold does not give access to the home. Instead, visitors must walk along the exterior of the building, along a pathway that flanks the interior pond, to finally reach the front door, which is actually closer to the back of the house. Even the garage has a clandestine element to it, keep cars hidden not only from the street, but from all interior angles as well.

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A central courtyard between wings of the house offers natural ventilation when paired with the large, sliding windows that dominate the design. By keeping the courtyard nestled between different pieces of the home, residents are allowed to enjoy the outdoors with friends and family without exposing themselves to prying eyes.

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The rest of the ground floor includes a large and long kitchen area and plenty of congregating spaces, from a detached entertainment room to a modern breakfast bar and formal dining room.

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On the second level, bedrooms dominate the open space but privacy still reigns. Each room has a private balcony set back into the structure for maximum isolation. The master bath is where some indulgence is allowed with extravagant white marble covers nearly every surface.

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Behind the house, a swimming pool serves its own luxurious purpose while a pathway leading down a steep hill lets guests get a little further from the house and out into the idea of nature near an off-the-property ravine.

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