Thatched Roof Beach House with Outdoor Entertaining Spaces

Thatched Roof Beach House with Outdoor Entertaining Spaces

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There are a lot of ways to look at a holiday home. It might be a time share in a condo or a ski chalet in the mountains, but the most important thing is that it is a place you can gather and enjoy time with family and friends. That was exactly the intent with this holiday home in South Africa, built by architects at SAOTA with interior design from Antoni Associates. The spacious, modern home is warm and open, carefully marrying the interior to the exterior while minimizing the impact of any outside forces - from wind and rain to neighboring homes - and maximizing spaces to sit, chat, and entertain.

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The home is located on Shelley Point, looking out of Stompneus Baai, which is part of the larger St. Helena Bay. The location is rich in local vegetation and wildlife, including dolphins, whales, and birds.

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Guests, of which the young family who built the home intended to have many, enter through an elevated entryway. The upper level of the home that is accessed from here contains the main living area, kitchen, and dining room. This allows these gathering spaces the best views of the bay, while the bedrooms and playroom on the lower level have a bit more privacy.

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Of course, most people on holiday want to be able to enjoy the climate and weather and this home is no exception. In order to allow the homeowners and guests to fully enjoy time outside, the architects built an interior courtyard that includes the swimming pool and is sheltered from the wind.

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The beautiful thatched roof, a classic beach house style with a modern take in this instance, is supported by a perimeter I-beam and stands in natural contrast with the more industrial granite flooring.

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In a design element we have featured on this blog before, the bedrooms downstairs have sweeping views with massive windows that can curtained up at night for privacy. In this home, the curtain tracks were actually built into the house’s structure.

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The floorplans make it easy to see how the simple yet elegant flow of the home’s different spaces creates a unique and welcoming environment, perfect for bringing friends together and celebrating the beauty of your surroundings.

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