An Architects Attic Apartment with Custom Furniture

An Architects Attic Apartment with Custom Furniture

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If you spend your life ensuring that other people have beautiful places to live and timeless building where they can thrive, it can be difficult to find the time to make your own space what you really want it to be. For architect Dimitar Karanikolov from firm Meshroom and interior designer Veneta Niklova, it was a two-year labor of love that finally found them with a space they could call their own. After returning to Sofia, Bulgaria after many years abroad in London, the pair was searching for a home where they could put down roots when they found a unique attic apartment in a new development. The space was small but it had character and they knew they could turn it into something they loved. With their own expertise and ingenuity, they combined many creative spaces and custom pieces that resulted in the inspiring home you see here.

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The upper level apartment grabs hold of the old-fashioned aesthetic that is currently in style and uses it to innovative ends. Though modern technology is central to both the architect and designer professions, the pair has gone to great lengths to conceal the most garish of modern comforts. For instance, an air conditioning unit is hidden inside a custom wooden drawer while bar edison bulbs dangle from magnets over the dining table.

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The largest custom creation in the small space is the large black box that stands at the center of the room. Though you would never guess it, this room is perched atop the building’s elevator shaft and actually contains the apartment’s bathroom. The exterior material is dark concrete paneling which looks worn as though it has always been a part of this building.

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Storage is always a challenge in smaller apartments. But from an open-air coat closet to a wardrobe hidden inside what looks like a vintage suitcase, the space does not lack for practical storage. Even the coffee table, also styled as a suitcase, opens up for blankets and other comforts.

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The building is situated close to another, taller residential building, which meant the apartment was lacking somewhat in privacy. Rather than construct a large fence or wall, privacy shrubs were added in aluminum planters that serve both practical and aesthetic purposes.

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The second floor bedroom, up close to the curved ceiling, serves as a guest bedroom as well as a bathing area, with an in-floor bathtub.

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Finally, a narrow outdoor deck serves as a bit of outdoor storage as well as a relaxing place to enjoy a coffee or two.

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