Skysphere: The Ultimate Solar Powered Man Cave

Skysphere: The Ultimate Solar Powered Man Cave

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Man or woman, there are plenty of reasons to want to escape the rigors of everyday life and retreat to your own private space. Instead of setting up in the basement or garage, New Zealand graphic designer and engineer Jono Williams decided to build his man cave in the sky. His Skysphere room stands in the middle of clearing and was designed completely by Williams himself, who also did a lot of the building on his own. The Skysphere is fully equipped with a range of technology from lighting to audio-visual equipment and is truly a sight to behold in the New Zealand countryside.

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The interior of the Skysphere relies on its 360-degree view of the surrounding area for the wow factor. Though Williams originally intended to included self-tinting window panes for privacy, curtains will have to do for now.

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The interior lights can change colors from red to green to white for a bit of extra fun as well as a spectacular display for anyone who happens by during the night.

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The Skysphere entrance is in the center of the large steel pole that also acts as the main foundation of the structure. You have to climb up through the tube to enter the space, though Williams insists it’s wide enough to do so carrying a backpack of all the supplies you might need for your stay.

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On the roof of the Skysphere are a number of solar panels, which provide all the electricity necessary to power to various devices inside, including lighting, refrigeration, and entertainment. These devices are all controlled directly from Williams’ smartphone as well, for a bit of additional technological wonder.

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More images of the making of this home…

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One major drawback is that the Skysphere is not currently equipped with either an elevator or a bathroom, though Williams hopes to add one in the woods nearby sometime in the future. For now, construction on the impressive structure is complete, though who knows what project this creative mind will dream up next.

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