Chic Scandinavian Studio With Lofted Bed

Chic Scandinavian Studio With Lofted Bed

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A lot of things come to mind when you think about the countries of Scandinavia. Whether its a flaky cheese Danish, a a cozy Norwegian sweater, the view of the Aurora Borealis from Helsinki or, you know, Ikea - the region is as diverse as it is beautiful and somewhat mysterious.Scandinavian design was born out of the generally quiet lifestyles of these countries. Though it was first identified as a movement in the 1950s, obviously design has been taking place in the region for much longer than that.Today, when we talk about Scandinavian design, we mean simplicity and function and this apartment in Prague, from visualizer Denis Krasikov, is no different. Style serves a purpose and simplicity does not take the place of beauty, but instead augments it.

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