A Colorful Modern Space for a Stylish Couple

A Colorful Modern Space for a Stylish Couple

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Many modern homes are so starkly simple that they can be nothing but minimalist. Others include lots of artsy design elements and Eames chairs that could never be called minimal. And still others are like this lovely space from the architects at Valentirov. A careful balance between color and neutral, between simplicity and practical style. It makes it easy to see how a family could live comfortably and stylishly.

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The main living area is a large open space from living room to kitchen. The materials used are quite clearly exceptional in quality. From the deep red wood flooring to the stunning oversized kitchen island and countertops, the design is indulgent but not showy. It shows a taste and a class without being tacky. The creative use of black marbled tile to hide both a modern fireplace design and a flat screen television is just another example of attention to detail and practicality hidden in style.

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A home office space bring a bit more color into the equation with creative, brightly checkered walls and fun, whimsical graphics. Of course, there is still an element of ultimate organization with sleek white shelving and a long workspace, perfect for designing.

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In the master bedroom, a platform bed is put up on a stage, which provides some removal from the otherwise largely open space. It makes things cozier while also offering some additional storage underneath the wood slat platform (which is also quite attractive).

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A black marble bathroom is the final touch on this 167 square meter (1802 square feet) house. Its shining surfaces proving a perfect balance to the practical and pretty teak wood flooring and simple, practical towel rack.

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