Amazingly Modular Small Family Apartment With Lots Of Playful Spaces

Amazingly Modular Small Family Apartment With Lots Of Playful Spaces

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Ruetemple created this versatile home for a young family with two young children. As with anything involving energetic kids, creative thinking and smart planning were huge necessities rather than just a stylistic choice. While the bones of this small family home are rather ordinary, the architects at Ruetemple were able to accomplish amazing feats within a relatively modest 80-square-meter floor plan thanks to the ingenious application of smart modular furniture. Some of the space-saving solutions employed here can turn any apartment into a true dream home.

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  • Designer: Rue Temple
This home’s most versatile feature has to be the amazing modular seating unit in the living room. Consisting of seven individual units on wheels, it allows for easy arrangement and re-arrangement to suit the needs of the day.

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By scattering the little sofas and ottomans, the room can accommodate small groups for socialization – ideal for an intimate party or family gathering. Also ideal for taking a nap after the festivities as this young man demonstrates.

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All pieces interlock to form a super-compact square of seating. This arrangement could serve as a double guest bed or as a big comfy place to lay down and watch a movie, with space to set popcorn on the table in the middle.

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Centered on the television or projector screen, the furniture doesn’t take up much space at all but remains perfectly functional!

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The dining room also boasts a few neat features. The table hangs from a chain on the ceiling, the other side resting on a structural pipe. When the family needs more floor space for entertaining, it would be easy to disconnect the table and put it somewhere out of the way.

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Even the walls offer endless customization opportunities. Coated in a chalkboard/marker surface, parents can use this space to jot down grocery lists and the kids can go wild with original artwork.

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Simple wood and white interior materials allow the functional yet beautiful elements to shine brightly.

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Endless possibilities! Here are some potential ways to use this sofa set listed from left to right: saving space, evening with the family, movie screening, board games, visiting with guests, casual gatherings, convenience, creativity, and versatility.

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With such an exciting home, it makes sense for the grown-up bedroom to serve as a tranquil retreat. Natural materials and exposed brick have a certain soothing organic charm. The bed contains an abundance of storage to help the room stay neat and tidy.

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The room for the two young children is awesome beyond belief. Contained in a space less than 16-square-meters, the modular jungle gym in the middle adds considerable vertical space to play. The colorful volume separates the two sleeping areas, allowing a younger and older sibling to cohabitate in peace.

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Study desks occupy either side of the climbable divider, demonstrating the necessary balance between work and play.

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On one side of the room, a refined loft space gives the older sibling a nice place to sleep and study. Stairs made of drawers lead to the bed and bookshelves house homework supplies underneath. It has a nice mature look that contrasts well with the wild play zone.

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The central volume contains many secret places any child would love. It’s amazing how much extra room this creative structure provides – not to mention the unlimited possibilities for imaginative play. The memories created here are sure to last a lifetime.

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