2 Beautiful Home Interiors In Art Deco Style

2 Beautiful Home Interiors In Art Deco Style

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Art Deco is a distinctively ornate style that originated in France before rising to international popularity in the 1920s through the 1940s. Yet its elaborate aesthetic continues to influence contemporary design and architecture – the sharp geometric patterns, the love of bold color, and the emphasis on modern manufacturing and technology havent gone anywhere. The only thing thats changed is the implementation. This post features two homes with awesome art deco interiors, so if youve been looking to infuse your home with a little Great Gatsby flair, this post has plenty of art deco inspiration to make it happen.

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  • Visualizer: Maxim Tsiabus
Let’s start with an apartment that emphasizes the use of color in art deco design while taking a subtle approach to the precious metals and luxurious materials associated with the style. This home enjoys a gorgeous yellow and purple color theme, two tones perfectly suited to demonstrating the playful side of opulence. Classical elements like paneled doors, herringbone floors, and cabinetry in sultry dark wood help to support its vintage inspiration while perfectly modern furniture makes the space feel fresh and relevant to today’s tastes.

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The living room shares its clean and open design with a formal dining space, both linked by the purple textiles and brass accents. The kitchen is only partially divided from the social areas, visible through its wide doorframe and the convenient serving window to the left.

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Most of the decorative elements include simple but curvaceous metallic accents. Luxury materials have always been a staple of art deco decor but moderation is the key to achieving the understated effect demonstrated here.

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While a central rug and ample pillows soften the sofa area, the dining space achieves its comfortable appeal with graceful lines and tufted upholstery.

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Even the architectural elements tackle the compromise between traditional and modern features effectively. Here, time-honored ceiling molding carries out the functional purpose of hiding the curtain rods from view.

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On the table sits a collection of mid-century stackable candleholders in chrome by Fritz Nagel. These modular candelabras also double as a kinetic sculpture when arranged to create pivot points.

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It’s nice to see the incredible range between the contemporary features, the Art Deco inspired accessories, and lavish details. From here you can see a peek of the gorgeous blue and green hallway – we’ll take a closer look just a bit later in the post.

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Perhaps the most distinctive arrangement contained in the open layout living room is this formal dining set. Geometric lamps illuminate the angular table from above, while a series of three bouquets along a thin white table runner offer a practical yet unmissable source of decor for the table.

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Opulence is a hallmark of the Art Deco style and the hallway holds nothing back. The wallpaper is a work of art in itself, rich with color and texture highlighted by the series of stylish wall sconces. The table serves as both a comfortable waiting area and a convenient place to write quick notes or sign forms.

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Dramatic marble floors immediately grab attention with their checkered pattern. One wall consists of storage cabinets paneled with mirrors, the beveled edges hinting at vintage influence.

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Here, purple joins blue and green to create a surprisingly cheerful color theme that stands in contrast to the seriousness of the materials used throughout the home.

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Dramatic dark marble sets a sophisticated tone for the kitchen, with striped cabinet detailing offering a subtle touch of Art Deco style.

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From this angle, the cabinet details catch the light – brass stripes turn an ordinary decorative touch into an effective source of tasteful luxury.

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Metallic fixtures and ceramic storage jars also reflect traditional decoration choices from the Art Deco era. It’s hard to go wrong with minimalistic vessels like the ones pictured here in white.

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  • Visualizer: Bach Nguyen
Our second home takes an eclectic yet minimalistic approach to Art Deco decor, featuring numerous classical elements interpreted through a smart contemporary lens. A concept for the Sunrise City apartment project, this home occupies a spacious 147 square meters yet maintains a streamlined furniture arrangement to maximize empty space. Rather than utilizing large storage features or expansive seating areas, this home keeps things simple and relies instead of luxurious materials and fine art to tantalize the eye.

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The open plan living room and kitchen spaces incorporate a mixture of classically inspired furniture and French influence alongside current pieces from top designers.

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Powder-blue cabinetry sets a relaxing backdrop for the dining arrangement, located at the central kitchen island. Louis XVI chairs seat the far side and the near side enjoys the grand stylings of its gorgeous scrollwork apron bench.

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Once again, powder-blue tones lend their tranquility to help foster a revitalizing atmosphere. Scrollwork above the bed and exciting brass lighting emphasizes the art deco theme.

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Quatrefoil was a common pattern in the Art Deco era. Here, it makes an appearance as a playful accent wall. Note how the built-in storage is exceptionally modern – you don’t need an old home to enjoy vintage design styles.

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Guests peering in at the entrance may not immediately sniff out the Art Deco inspiration but there are subtle architectural signs, like the curved corner shelves and the paneled walls. The bright orange coat stand makes the first impression though, and a friendly one at that.

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