Modern Minimal Homes To Inspire You

Modern Minimal Homes To Inspire You

Modern minimalism is loosely defined by paired down design elements, clean lines, and open spaces. But that doesnt mean each space has to be black and white, infact weve gathered four very different spaces that celebrate modern minimalism with their own unique twist. From white open spaces to pops of color and eclectic art, these spaces are going to inspire and open your mind to how modern minimalism can be both inviting and functional in everyday life.

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  • Architect: Emil Dervish
The light that pours into this space is extraordinary, and it’s only enhanced by the big white walls and floors. The bold furnishings, like the giant low and dark couch, really stand out because of the big airy space created here.

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We love the light and dark contrast in this space, as well as the contrast of big the contrast of the thin black lines in the chair and lights with the big bold pieces like the couch and the black accent wall.

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This space isn’t actually all that large, but the smart layout and minimalist styling maximize the visual and physical space.

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We love how the white walls and floors collide making you feel like you’re inside a big white cloud in the sky looking over that view.

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We love how the cute desk chair mimics the curved lines of the lounge chair in the living room, as well as this concrete accent wall. It’s minimal, cool, and adds just a bit of texture to this very sleek space.

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This minimalist kitchen will let your food take center stage atop that giant white island with cascading stone sides.

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These glossy kitchen cabinets tucked inside the island are the perfect addition to this modern minimalist space. We also love how from here your eyeliner continues straight into the open living room.

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Separating the spaces with white and black tiles is a beautiful way to add dimension to this apartment. Plus, when you walk in it’s like emerging from the darkness into this bright light space.

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We love this chic swing arm wall lamp that can be tilted both right over the bed, or up against the wall to reflect the light.

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We love this partly open concept between the bedroom and bathroom. What works so well here is the contrast of light and dark and how they’ve played with light. From the tall windows in the bedroom to the skylight over the bath.

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This concrete sink is a surprising but fun addition to this space. It’s minimalist while still adding some texture and character.

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  • Architect: Lenz Architects
This minimalist space plays with texture wonderfully. We love the stone washed walls against all the white.

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This light yellow wood fireplace brings a surprising element to the space that we adore. The way the wood pops agains the starkness of the rest of this minimalist space adds some great dimension to the living room.

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These floor to ceiling windows are real showstoppers that can let tons of beautiful light flood this space. But we love how the curtains are sheer yet dark gray to let some of that light filter in even when you need some added privacy.

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This cozy corner is the perfect place to cozy up with a glass of wine and a good magazine. The minimalist chez lounge is a luxurious piece, and we love how they’ve made it more inviting with that bright colored throw blanket.

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Clean lines and stark white cabinets make this kitchen a defining minimalist space.

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Try not to get distracted with those views while cooking! This open kitchen-living space flows beautifully with those floor to ceiling windows, and we love how that design is reflected in the back kitchen cabinets.

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This home has great views from every angle. From that stunning fireplace to the sweeping city skyline.

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This eclectic modern minimalist space is super artsy and chic. We love the tripod lamp that’s playing with a vintage vibe, and the linear painting that’s hung not totally centered on the back wall.

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The metal picnic table adds to the vintage modern vibe, and we love the added character of the brick wall.

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We love the soft touches they’ve added in this space to warm it up, from the painting that’s leaning against the wall to the floral centerpiece.

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Switching up simple things, like swapping a bench for chairs like they did here is a great way to refresh your space and add some new flare.

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This minimalist space is bright and warm, and we love that. Minimalist doesn’t have to be cold, so we love how they’ve made this space bright and inviting with both color and materials.

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Those incredibly tall ceilings create such an open feeling in that narrow kitchen, and we love how your eye is constantly drawn upwards with the woodworking on the walls.

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The table legs are a beautiful touch to this very linear space, and we love the mix of the light wood tones in the table, chairs, and floor.

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From here you can see how the lofty ceilings continue with the wood up at the top, continuing the warm feel of the space.

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The bright colors and plants play again on that organic, inviting feel of this space and are a great contrast to the white and harsh lines of the open space.

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This playhouse is an adorable addition to this space, while still keeping the minimal and warm design of the rest of the space. We also love the asymmetrical lines.

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The bright yellow is a wonderful addition to this tiny kitchen. It brightens up an otherwise dark corner and draws your eye down through the space.

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This modern space really takes advantage of all the natural light, intact you can’t even see any light fixtures which almost makes the space feel more minimal

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From atop the loft you can look right out onto those views as if you’re up in the clouds.

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The choice of the wood floors in this home is superb. They’re light yet varied in color, and very glossy.

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While this space doesn’t boast all that much furniture, it still packs tons of design. From the kitchen color to how the stairs flow upwards into the wooded loft, no detail was left untouched.

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Adding plants instantly livens up a space, and we love how they’re dispersed throughout this home.

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Design risks can really pay off, just like they did here. Adding this little play area in the shape of a home could seem juvenile, but the design is executed perfectly and looks just as modern as the rest of the space.

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