4 Gorgeous Homes With Matte Black Walls

4 Gorgeous Homes With Matte Black Walls

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How do you feel about black walls in the home? It may seem like an unusual choice in an era where bright white and subtle pastels dominate the top design trends, but thats what gives black so much appeal – its bold and daring, exuding a sense of sophistication anywhere. This post looks at three modern homes that use matte black and dark charcoal in abundance. Here, dark walls arent just an occasional accent but a fully unifying theme throughout each home. If you love dark walls, youll love these inspiring black living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens, and more.

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Let’s start with a home that uses black-on-black design. Variations help define the boundaries of each part of the open plan living space, drawing attention to the white sofa or the warm grey dining arrangement. The furniture and accessories in each functional space sets a specific mood: the kitchen is luxurious, the dining space is moody, and layered textures around the sofa set a casual and comfortable tone.

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Wood is normally a very humble material, but its exclusivity in this living room gives it a powerful presence here. It also helps warm up the appearance of the room.

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Faux fire dances with intensity against its dark backdrop. It’s a nice decorative feature that likely adds great ambiance in the evening. It’s convenient because a faux fire like this one is easy to turn off when the residents want to pay more attention to the television.

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This ornate antique cabinet stands out from its minimalist surroundings, almost like a gallery piece. Of course, its original intent as storage still applies and is sure to play a small role in maintaining the clutter-free appearance of the home.

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The kitchen is perhaps the most streamlined feature of them all. Sleek cabinetry blends into the background easily but the backsplash catches immediate attention thanks to the light and shadow that dances across its glossy textured surface.

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Cozy wooden slats and dark charcoal walls invite an instant sense of relaxation in the bedroom. Opening the shutters allows the resident to let the early morning sunshine in, but it’s not too bright or overwhelming.

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The slatted wall even works to diffuse any glare that comes in through the window. It’s attractive but not too decorative, and makes a statement even without extra artwork or other ornaments.

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