Sensational Nautical Themed Sculptures By Ben Young

Sensational Nautical Themed Sculptures By Ben Young

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The ocean has an inexplicable pull on most people. Its astounding beauty and raw, untamed power has captured human imagination for centuries. It has been the muse to many artists, inspiring some of the most magnificent pieces of art known to man. Most recently, self taught artist and New Zealand native, Ben Young.A surfer and boat maker by profession, he has been largely influenced by the enchanting artistry of the ocean. This influence is plainly seen in his expressive art pieces. An expert at using glass, concrete and bronze to create elegant masterpieces, he sees the beauty in two dimensional pieces and brings them to life in style.

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This piece, named Homebound, is a beautiful blend of colored glass, cast cement and carved bronze. The glass highlights the grooves of the cement island, and the textured glass at the top cast gentle shadows on the cement ‘ocean floor’.The entire piece has a serene feel and would be a calming piece in any room of the house.

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On this sculpture, the glass waves aren’t as calm as in the previous one, but not wild either.The unsupported cliff looks like a daring wave of land meeting the ocean with a gentle splash. As with all art, the piece is open to interpretation and is named Seeker’s Thoughts.

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The carvings on this sculpture are gorgeous, but what really catches the eye is the deep curve filled with water. Dalkey Island showcases a lot of Young’s glass sculpting skills. Underneath we get a peek of his signature textured cement.

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In days gone by, lighthouses were a signal of hope and a guiding light for ships that spent months at sea.This sculpture, Safe Keeper, takes us back to those days, the expertly carved lighthouse a beacon of safety over rising waters.

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This piece rests safely on a base of solid cement that rises into the adventurous piece named Set Sail.A hint of excitement, and a sense of adventure characterize this piece.

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The Entrance sees a little bronze man in a boat, guiding his boat through waters sided by steep walls.The name gives the sense that the little man is about to see something wonderful, while our eyes see something equally wonderful underneath his little boat.

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Anyone who has ever been fishing knows that silence is essential.Anyone who wants a nautical piece to grace their area needs this Silence.This piece gives off the silent and peaceful aura that fishermen crave.

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One of the ocean’s gifts is it’s ability to make us reflect on life, or anything really.This piece, Reflection, puts these thoughts into a three dimensional picture for us to enjoy.

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Reflection and contemplation are synonyms, but this piece is the opposite of it’s sister, Reflection.Contemplation is darker, almost edgier with a dramatic oceanic view.

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The Observer gazes out over the calm ocean before him.But we get a better view of the ocean that splashes against his cliff.

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Wind dancer is an innocent piece that takes us back to childhood days spent on the beach.The piece has a dramatic flair with it’s steep cliffs highlighted by the laminated glass.

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The little girl in Wind Dancer is delicately carved out of sterling silver. With fine detailing on her dress and in her wind swept hair she is an enchanting aspect to this gorgeous piece.

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Solitary is multifaceted item, the solitary tree an exquisite example of his carving talent.

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The other end of Solitary is a lonely underwater cave, the roof a fascinating feature showcasing the artist’s attention to detail.

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Voyager rests on a simple metal stand, allowing the sculpture to achieve it’s full scope.The cement is transformed into a thrilling mold, that drops down and rises up- a perfect container for the textured glass. The gently windswept water casting subdued shadows on the ocean floor.All while the ship’s sails strain silently against the silent wind, forever continuing it’s endless journey.

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The metal stand holds this piece’s central element safely above the floor. While the dark waters tempt sailors to try and cross through.

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This underwater mountain range brings us a striking view of an oceanic panorama.

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Quest takes a little bronze man on an uncertain adventure and takes the viewer on an aesthetically pleasing quest of all it’s delightful features.

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What’s the first thing that comes to mind when looking at this sculpture?The oceanic bowl rests on a wooden frame and exists solely to put the viewer’s mind at Ease.

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Watchtower stands tall and precisely carved, to warn passing ships about the unexpected underwater curve of the cliff wall.

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This scenic picture is tinged with a hint of suspense… Will the sailboat fall?

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The Catastrophe depicted here is trapped in one gripping sculpture, a story expertly told by the artist.

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Every now and then we’re all tempted to leave civilization behind, in favor of a secluded little cottage by the sea.That’s not always possible, but Young’s Fjord helps us believe that it can be, someday.

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What does your idea of an escape involve?White sandy beaches and palm trees?Escape provides all of that, all from the comfort of your home.

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Arctic “I” provides you with more than just the tip of the iceberg by trapping a white floating iceberg in frigid blue waters.

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We see the extent of the artist’s imagination and skill in Starboard Tack.Gracefully carved by a professional hand, Starboard captures the essence of tame ocean waters on a beautiful day, encasing it in glass and holding it together with sterling silver fittings.

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