A Mesmerizingly Minimalist 4 Bedroom Luxury House By Igor Sirotov

A Mesmerizingly Minimalist 4 Bedroom Luxury House By Igor Sirotov

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Have you ever seen something so mesmerising that the only proper way to describe it would be by using an oxymoron? This is exactly the effect that this beautiful house has on most people. Igor Sirotov, a resident of Kiev, has accomplished such a distinguished feat. This sumptuous four bedroom home contains all the design components necessary for both a minimalist and luxury abode. These two styles may have once been almost opposites, but in this home- they work together to create something that can only be described using an oxymoron: minimalist luxury. And the best part? After you look at this home, the phrase makes perfect sense!

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Minimalist style is defined by simplicity and spareness. While luxury focuses more on comfort and elegance, usually at a great expense. So how are these two styles merged in this house? We see the minimalist style in the monochromatic color palette and simple furniture. Although the furniture is simple, it exudes comfort and the entire room is the picture of elegance and grace. It looks fit for royalty!

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The sofa is the very definition of opulence and looks amazingly comfortable. While the pure color scheme looks picturesque, complementing the furniture.

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From this overhead shot, we can see the orderliness characterized by minimalist style. Everything has its place and yet the room does not look disjointed and mismatched.

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A large uncovered window allows the garden to be a part of the interior, brightening the room with the lush greenery, without all the hassle of actually having the plants inside.

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The glass wall that allows the homeowner to view his luxurious motor vehicle is a masterful piece of architecture, and a good idea. Why not make the most opulent asset you own become part of the design?

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The dining area is simple and uncluttered, but the furniture is wonderfully sumptuous, rendering the need for further decoration useless. The room is a prime example of elegance and class.

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The pantry becomes a part of the home’s design thanks to timber shelves and strategically placed lighting. The corner brightens up the room and makes it easy to find exactly what you need when you need it.

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Wooden cabinets match the pantry and together these organic elements soften the home’s aesthetic and makes it subtly more homely.

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You have heard about sleeper couches, but this is probably the first time you’ve seen one that takes the term so literally. Is it a bed? Is it a couch? Why don’t you decide while you lie back and enjoy the view?

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A light fixture can have so much potential, if you choose the right one. This light fixture provides a variety of functions in this room. It adds color, looks fun and lights up the whole room.

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The main bedroom is darker than the rest of the home, and it works. It looks snug and comfortable, but no less luxurious! A skylight adds timeless charm and prevents the room from being too dark.

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There is nothing more annoying than a tiny shower. But this one is simple, elegant and wonderfully spacious.

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Organic features turn this bathroom into a luxurious minimalist dream. The white surroundings bring the timber elements to the forefront and showcase their tireless charisma.

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A circular mirror with a LED backlight looks a little like the sun, adding depth to the room. Have you ever seen a timber bathtub? Not only does it look relaxing, it also brings the room to life as it works together with the luxurious his-and-hers amenities.

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The main bathroom mirrors the bedroom’s darker interior. Marbled tiles interrupt the dark color scheme and look enchanting. A glass cubicle shower keeps the space neat, and provides an uninterrupted view of the floor, giving an illusion of more floorspace. An age old design trick that is showcased to perfection here.

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The home is relatively small, but makes up for space in an abundance of charm and sophistication. The stunning interior turns luxury and minimalist into synonyms and effortlessly blends the two together- creating a true vision that cannot be ignored.

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