4 Studios That Make Beautiful Use of Natural Light

4 Studios That Make Beautiful Use of Natural Light

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There are plenty of advantages to living in a studio apartment. often, this type of cozy setup means that you get to live in the center of everything, with easy access to all the comforts of urban life, from the hottest restaurants and nightlife to the best and most stylish shops. When a studio is well-designed, it wont even feel cramped. But one key to a good studio design is the use of natural light. In this post, well explore four different studios that make sure windows and sunlight are maximized so that the homes feel spacious, clean, and beautiful.

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  • Visualizer: Nikolai Pyatov
One of the easiest ways to create more space in a studio like this one is through the use of a lofted bed.

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As sunlight streams in from a recessed window, it makes this reading nook/living area exceptionally welcoming. The swing arm wall lamp is a clever solution to saving space in this tight space.

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While the staircase up to the lofted bed takes up a bit of room, it considerably safer and more stylish than a ladder.

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The bed in this studio is far enough from the ceiling that it is comfortable for sleeping but not so claustrophobic as some designs.

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Storage is always a question to address in a studio like this one, which measures just 22 square meters, but this lofted storage area is a creative and stylish solution.

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A small kitchen with white brick backsplash gives just enough space to cook for one or brew a teapot of tea for a friend. A compact block of knives is useful enough to warrant its counter space.

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Looking out from the kitchen the studio really does feel just as big as it needs to be.

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Wood accents and specific lighting keeps the lofted bedroom feeling cozy instead of cramped.

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A white tile bathroom is the epitome of clean.

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An indoor planter gives the natural light that filters in a job to do.

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A hunter green sofa with red ottomans complement each other and feel creative and playful.

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Even a studio apartment can have room to entertain with a sparse dining area like this one.

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The kitchen is very open and welcoming of the light streaming in from outside.

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In the small bedroom, the bed is snuggled up against the window, making a sunrise awakening that much easier.

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To contrast with the bright and playful colors in the main living area, the designer has chosen a much darker palette for the bathroom.

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Black and red are a little bit mysterious but work together here.

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  • Visualizer: Alexander Kuzmenko
This next studio is understandably dubbed Green Space, and is in Warsaw, Poland.

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The green glass wall takes center stage in the design, filtering sea green light throughout the apartment.

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A white kitchen design with funky barstools is a perfect perch for morning nosh.

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In the bedroom the green glass and brass accents look supernatural and beautiful.

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This studio is one that does not skimp on bedroom space or sweeping views from a high floor.

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An overhead shot really gives a sense of how much the design is done with a careful layout.

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  • Visualizer: Martin Architects
The final studio also makes use of glass walls, albeit not as colorfully.

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Black brick accent walls are super chic with a hipster lean.

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A natural wood headboard against a blue-green accent wall is rustic and pretty.

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A mirror in the dining room opens up a small space while curtains over the glass bedroom walls maintain privacy.

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Cut glass light fixtures are timeliness in the cozy dining area.

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Finally, the bathroom design skews towards the traditional with which and wood in use.

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