A Creative, Rustic Home with Retro Geometric Features

A Creative, Rustic Home with Retro Geometric Features

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A rustic home does not have to mean a secluded cabin in the woods. The home featured in this post, from visualizer Plasterlina includes rustic elements like lots of wood and cozy furnishings but also has the modern appeal of geometric, almost retro features as well. This stylish house, with lots of books as well as nooks for reading them, has a warm and inviting feel, from the industrial-style fireplace through to the sunny, modern master bedroom. Take a peek inside for a bit of throwback that still feels cool and fun.

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The main living area, with its vaulted ceilings and wraparound windows is certainly a focal point of the public portion of the house. Furniture takes inspiration from mid century modern sofa and armchair styles, but reinterpreted with streamlined contemporary sensibilities.

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The creative pendant lights that hang from the highest heights have a certain 70s flair to them but they stay on the right side of kitsch.

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The use of some simple pieces, like minimalist end tables keeps things fresh.

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The industrial-style fireplace is not the central feature of the room, but cute and cozy pouf seating means guests can gather there when it’s cold.

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This view gives us a sense of the amazing upstairs library, which soars above a circular wooden coffee table.

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The connecting areas of a home are also important. Here, a corridor with wood paneling above and below gives an interesting sense of space.

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The creative used of mirrors and lighting opens things up and creates what is almost an optical illusion.

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Overhead lighting disappears into the wood paneling for practicality and style.

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Behind the dining table, more shelving for displaying those coffee table books that manage to clutter up a coffee table.

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The open kitchen flows right into the dining room for the ideal entertaining layout.

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On the counter, indoor herb planters make for a burst of green that adds both visual and literal flavor.

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A cozy study can double as a home office in this intellectual design.

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And floor lamp add plenty of light for those late nights with a page turner.

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In another corridor, creative recessed lighting gives the white walls a futuristic vibe.

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The bedroom, naturally, is a bit darker in palette, with bedside bedroom pendant lights making up for the dark gray and black.

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The quilted accent wall and wood slat room divider create an interesting textural conversation.

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Big sliding glass doors mean the bedroom can open right up onto the deck, in true rustic retreat fashion.

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Overhead lighting and wood flooring complete the cozy bedroom look.

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In another bedroom, we see what an impression 4 poster beds can have.

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In place of a headboard, a deer head on the wall contributes to the modern cabin feel, minus the morbidity.

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A bright pop of blue where the television sits is frankly a bit shocking in this color palette.

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But the master bath could bring anyone down from that shock.

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Dark gray, wood, and a large jacuzzi tub.

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The wood slat divider offers minimal privacy, but allows the whole space to feel a lot bigger.

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Finally, a large wall clock will make sure you don’t spend too much time in this luxurious bathroom.

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