Black And White House With Moments Of Kid-Friendly Quirky Decor

Black And White House With Moments Of Kid-Friendly Quirky Decor

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At first glance, this black and white decorated house appears as one cool serious piece of home design. Deep and dramatic belts of black walls and ceilings butt up against heavenly white sections, bathed in bright light. Crisp contemporary lines give the place an initial no-nonsense, no-frills appearance. However, upon further touring of this monochrome home, you will stumble upon many light-hearted infusions of fun. Whimsical wall decals and fun furniture tell us this is also a seriously kid friendly zone. Take a look at how this slick design hasn’t been compromised one iota but still hits the humor mark for younger inhabitants.

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The exterior of the home tells us right away that this is a place to be enjoyed as a family, with an outdoor kitchen and dining area for al fresco eating during warm summer days and long balmy evenings.

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A surrounding deck provides opportunity for a little solitude.

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The length of the monochrome living room has two high contrast halves of black and white. The high ceiling has been painted black to match the majority of furniture, making the large space feel somewhat cocooned despite its lofty proportions. The white floor and chimney breast wall bring a crisp icy brightness to the scheme.

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Opposite the dark modern sofa is a large unexpected play area, guarded by a giant bear decal on the approaching wall.

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Over in the kid’s play zone the painted black walls become a chalkboard for daily doodling. A stylish area rug beneath a set of overhead monkey bars and gymnastic rings provides a soft place to play–or land. Book storage under stairs forms a handy children’s library. A choice of cushioned floor seat or swing seat makes this area into a cozy reading nook too.

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A second matching area rug defines the lounge from the kitchen diner. A deep hearth holds stacks of logs for the adjacent wood burning fireplace whilst providing an attractive shelf for the television. The modern fireplace is glazed on three sides to be viewed from both the lounging area and the dining room, with the solid chimney breast creating a shallow visual divide between the adjoining spaces.

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Grey kitchens teamed with a bank of natural wood tone take on a warmer appearance. The central island of this one also has a highly reflective effect, giving a lustrous finish. Exposed shelving in the kitchen also provides an element of useful decoration in a minimalist setting. Here the items have been colour coordinated with the dark wall behind them, giving a barely there appearance.

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In the master bedroom, a large photographic print propped behind a long upholstered headboard brings an element of natural greenery to the neutral scheme.

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A relaxing chair by the TV and a unique end table tie-in with the warm wood tone of the floor.

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A bespoke mirror fills the width of this contemporary master bathroom.

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A floating vanity unit with concealed storage holds twin basins. A set of positionable task lighting illuminates the two wash areas. Strip lighting beneath the cosmetics shelf and around the perimeter of the ceiling provides an extra glow, in addition to a scattering of spot lights.

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A second washroom holds a compact white pedestal basin and toilet duo alongside a shower cubicle.

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The closet is an arrangement of rails and banks of drawers, finished in glossy black and smooth walnut. A high shelf holds out of season items out of rotation.

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Alternative storage places for the family’s outerwear and surplus household items can be found just off the family room, in the entryway.

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With the exception of a narrow shelving unit, simple black doors conceal the stored items from the open ended hallway, preventing the entrance of the home from appearing cluttered.

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In the kids’ room, typographical decals provide fun animal wall art, and an alphabetical backdrop for favorite garments to be displayed on a set of decorative wall hooks. A much lighter tone of wood has been implemented in the decor palette of this room. It has been used to create a light study area, complete with desk, under-desk cupboard, and a unit of tall shelving for organizing reference books and files.

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This kids’ bed would please any Disney fan, and the black circular rug works great with the Mickey Mouse silhouette of the headboard.

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The light blonde wood from the study area runs right up and over the ceiling, creating a log cabin effect which ends as a feature wall over behind the two novelty headboards. The cushioned desk chair matches the white walls and black accents, such as the black metal table lamp. A woven basket at the end of the bed provides a neat place to store soft toys for bedtime.

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The children’s bathroom has a minty green nature theme throughout. A quirky splash wall behind the shower is awash with lillypad like leaves. Three mint green baby birds decorate the lower wall next to a leaning towel ladder.

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Two round polka dot stools match the lillypad look and give the kids a safe boost at the wash basins.

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